Krista: Hey Hafrank, would we be able to not have an enterprise that is topical or stylish for once?


Hafrank: obviously; simply let me wrap up these grouped records to Der Spiegel.


Krista: Oh my!


There’s an elf who drives an existence of semi threat.


To everybody he meets he’s agreeable and thoroughly not an outsider.


With each oak seed pie he makes, another possibility at culinary perfection he takes.


Chances are with Krista, Nick and John Travolta around it won’t live to see tomorrow.


Mystery specialist dwarf


Mystery specialist dwarf


They’ve given you a red cap,


what’s more, taken away your natural product truck.


Broadcaster: This scene is conveyed to you by Mastercard… NOT.


Hafrank: Take that tact!


Krista: Hafraaank, this is a terrible thought!


Hafrank: The world needs straightforwardness Krista and I give that.


Krista: But at what cost?


Hafrank: Shut up GW! Presently, to discharge these helpless spots psychological oppressors ought to assault.


Krista: Oh, Hafrank, this is awful. Why not uncover genuine shameful acts like you utilized as well?


Hafrank: Like when my recompense didn’t meet the government prerequisites for the lowest pay permitted by law?


Krista: Exactly!


Hafrank: I can’t Krista, it would demolish my sense of self excursion. Presently, this healing center resembles a decent place to bomb as does this life sparing pharmaceutical maker!


Krista: You’ve abandoned me no decision.


Hafrank: What do you mean?


Krista: will need to ground you.


Hafrank: Noooo! On the off chance that you do an entire group of humiliating archives about you will be discharged and I will be a saint.


Krista: To whom?


Hafrank: John Travolta.


John Travolta: Heck yes, he will!


Krista: Johnny, in the event that you bolster Hafrank, we’ll cut you off monetarily.


John Travolta: That doesn’t appear to be reasonable.


Krista: It may not, but rather I’m the law in this house, and different houses… additionally England.


Scratch strolls in wearing a night top. Additionally, drinking one


Scratch: What’s going ahead in here?


Krista: Hafrank’s turning into a super lowlife.


Scratch: Relax, Krista, it’s a toy PC.


Toy PC: The cow says… Julian Assange did some awesome things with uncovering Abu Graib, Guantanamo, imperialism in Africa and different shameful acts yet appears to have lost his way in separating strategic relations and presenting defenseless areas to assault. It appears he’s utilizing data more as a weapon to battle his own fights any longer than something to illuminate the world toward more prominent comprehension and collaboration among people groups.


Krista: That toy PC says some advantageously unexpected things.


Scratch: No, it’s totally arbitrary.


Toy PC: Although investigated by the Spanish right on time in the sixteenth century, starting endeavors at colonizing Costa Rica demonstrated unsuccessful because of a blend of variables, including: malady from mosquito-invaded swamps, fierce warmth, resistance by locals, and privateer attacks.


Scratch: See.


Krista: Well, I figure you’re correct…


Toy Computer: Revenge is a dish best served icy… bitch.


Krista: Oh, Come on!


Hafrank: Oh, toy PC!


Gordon Gee: Oh come how about we sing Ohio’s acclaim


Furthermore, tunes to Alma Mater raise


While our hearts bouncing back excite


With euphoria which passing alone can at present


Summer’s warmth or winter’s frosty


The seasons pass the years will roll


Time and change will definitely appear


How firm thy fellowship … OHIO!

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