Why Snakes Have Forked Tongues

Vinata, mother of Garuda, had been oppressed by the nagas after she had squabbled with their mom, Kadru. The nagas offered to discharge Vinata from bondage if Garuda brought them amrita (nectar of everlasting status) from the moon.


Garuda brought the nectar subsequent to conquering various obstructions, doing combating even the divine beings all the while.


The nagas were enchanted when he put the pot containing the nectar before them. They let Vinata go and afterward they went to wash themselves before sharing of the ambrosia.


On their arrival they found the pot missing. Indra had taken it away. The nagas hotly attempted to lick up the drops of nectar that had fallen on the darbha grass on which the pot had been kept. They didn’t get much nectar, however the sharp edges of the grass opening their tongues. Winds as far back as have had forked tongues.


Actuality File: Snakes smell with the assistance of their tongues and an organ of smell called Jacobson’s organ in the top of the mouth. A forked tongue helps them notice better. Other than snakes, a couple of types of reptiles too have forked tongues.


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