Forget Blue Whale challenge: New Momo WhatsApp ‘suicide game’ pushing teens to suicide

In the most recent occurrence of internet based life wrongly affecting kids and teenagers, the suicide of a 12-year-old young lady in Argentina is allegedly being connected to something many refer to as the Momo challenge.

Momo is an online networking account on WhatsApp, Facebook, and YouTube, which is utilizing the picture of a loathsomeness work of art called Mother Bird by Link Factory to initiate interest among youngsters, testing them to speak with an obscure number, The Sun announced.

The frightening record seems, by all accounts, to be associated with three numbers in Japan, Mexico, and Columbia. On the off chance that a client declines to take after the diversion’s requests, Momo debilitates them with rough pictures. According to cybercrime specialists, Momo challenge is only a trick which is gone for taking data.

The Blue Whale challenge has purportedly expended about 100 people lives in India itself in the most recent year. The dangerous web based amusement challenges players for more than 50 days, requesting them to finish assignments given by a mysterious controller.

The amusement at first requests that the player draw a whale on a bit of paper, at that point cut a whale figure on their body, and after that gives different assignments, for example, watching blood and guts films alone at odd hours. The undertaking finishes up with the last test, that is, conferring suicide.

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