Want a job at Infosys? Here are 2 qualities you must possess, says founder Narayana Murthy

For Narayana Murthy, capitalism need to be compassionate.


The Infosys co-founder currently wondered the decision of the IT agency’s board to pay hefty salaries to its C-suite members. He additionally raised worries approximately the governance practices of the corporation. that is expected from a person who hopes his enduring legacy would be a dedication to human decency.


“I want a stone on my grave that says: ‘This become a fair person’,” Murthy stated at the Darden college of commercial enterprise (college of Virginia) about 10 days ago. He changed into provided the Thomas Jefferson foundation medal with the aid of the school. Murthy shared his thoughts on corporate governance, another time highlighting the values of equity, transparency and accountability.

as regards to social duty of businesses, Murthy stated every decision made by company leaders should first skip the primary filter out of: Will this choice beautify respect for my business enterprise from society and will it beautify respect for me from my personnel? “If such questions have become essential to company choice-making, society can be happier and healthier,” said Murthy.


in line with him, they look out for 2 things in every person who wants a role at Infosys – “intellect and values. nothing else,” he said. even as others may struggle, the IT veteran is professional at simplifying complex thoughts – like achievement. Murthy without a doubt placed it as “the capability to put a grin on the face of humans once I input a room”.

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