Top courses to get placements


1.Engineering and advanced engineering

Engineering is the first choice of students in India nowadays as it yields the best career opportunities to them. There is a high demand of engineers in the upcoming time in India. Be it mechanical engineering, civil engineering, IT, etc. Engineering is said to provide the most number of placements to students than other courses.


  1. Bachelors and masters in Computer Application:

India is known for its IT education. India is also well known for it professionals working outside the country. It is the future and so is the future in the study of computer science. After engineering   BCA and MCA is the most opted option by students for a settled career.


  1. Architechure and planning: in the last few years liking for Architecture and planning has risen in students. Students have developed keen interests in this field due to the creativity that it holds as well as the placement it offers.


  1. Law: there has been an intrusive interest of students towards the study of law and it is basically dependent of what an individual holds in himself to be a witty lawyer. It’s a risky career option, yet if a student has it in him to be a good and wise lawyer, there are various best law firms in India who are always require good lawyers .


  1. Medicide and dentistry

Medical professionals are said to be the most settled ones. Although the studies in medicine and dentistry is not a cake walk, it latter yields the best return of the handwork done. Field of medicine and dentistry is said to fetch some of the best placements among other courses.


  1. Pharmacy: As the time is evolving, earth is moving towards global warming, birth of new diseases is as frequent as viruses in computers. It raises the demands of pharmacy graduates and post graduates, leading to good packages and placements in best firms.
  1. Nursing paramedical management:

Nursing paramedical management is one seen in boom since last 7-9 years. That’s due to the awareness and development of health facilities in the country. This provides students with big packages.


There are various institutions in India that provides all the above course under one university. NIMS offer all courses. these are the best courses and NIMs also assists in best of placement and packages to its students.

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