A math teacher while explaining division to his pupil, said anything divided by itself is always
one. Divide 5 fruits among 5 people each would get one.Divide a thousand fruits among a
thousand people, and each would get one. To this, one student, out of his mathematical
curiosity asked “ but if zero divided by zero also one? If no fruits are distributed among no one,
will each get one?”
The student was S. Ramanujan. The autodidact prodigy who we know today for his
irreplaceable contribution to number theory, infinite series and number analysis.His works are
still fathomed for their secrets. His theorems applied in areas such as ploymer chemistry,
computers, even cancer. “ Srinivasa Ramanujan,” as quoted by an Englishman, “ was a
mathematician so great that his name transcend jealousies, the one superlative great
mathematician whom India has produced in the last thousand years.”Ramanujan was not a
mathematician who would work out his brains day and night and come up with a theorem or an
equation. No. He attributed his works not to his conscious intelligence but to the leaps of intution
that confound mathematician even today.
Ramanujan was always amazed by the systematic patterns that he discovered in entities that
the universe laid before him.through his work he found connections between things that seemed

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