NIMS university Vs Jaipur National University



NIMS medical college was established in the year 2004, and later in the year 2009 it got recognition for MBBS degree by MCI. It is one of the constituent college of NIMS.NIMS is considered as one of the best universities of India.

Whereas Jaipur national university was established in the year 2007, much latter than NIMS. Therefore NIMS is much relied on by students than Jaipur National University.


The campus of NIMS is spread around 60 acres of land. It is well maintained and kept green as well as healthy for lofty educational standards. NIMS strictly follows no tolerance policy, chewing of tobacco or smoking within the campus boundaries. All the buildings, departments, and faculty are well designed and planned for the convenience of students. There are library, various departments, hostels, etc.

Jaipur Nation University comparatively has a smaller campus area and is a little ill managed, which creates problem for students in proper connectivity.



NIMS campus id fully fledged with facilities like nutritious food, pure drinking water, 24 hour strict security, doctors on call and effective communication facilities. NIMS provides the best in-campus facilities

Whereas Jaipur national universities however claims to provide alike facilities is still working on to make the facilities within the campus.


NIMS is known for the best of all faculties in India. All the faculties at NIMS are experts in their subjects and holds a good time span of experience in teaching. This helps to harness the learning in students in a better and positive way. NIMS follows the 1:16 teacher: student’s ratio, which in turn helps in better attention on each student.

JNU is also known for its experiences faculty; however it follows the 1:24 ratio, structure, which may not be so effective when it comes to personal attention over students.


Courses offered

NIMS offers the best courses in engineering and advanced engineering, architecture and planning, computer science , law, humanities and social sciences, medicine and dentistry optometry pharmacy and nursing paramedical management.

Jaipur national university offers interdisciplinary courses both traditional and distance. It offers courses in business and management, computer science, education, engineering, basic science, humanities and medicine.


NIMS is known as the best university when it comes to placement in various courses offered by it. It has tie ups with more than 500 companies and provides the best off all placement for its students. It has tie-ups with major MNCs which provides high paying packages to its students. NIMS also provides recruitment training to its students to crack interviews of major MNCs.

Jaipur national university has tie-up with companies and assist its students in getting average paid packages.

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