Mobile App Development for beginners

Web applications- What you need to know Web applications are specifically built for one environment – the web. Therefore, if your phone has a pre-installed web browser (which all smartphones do), the application will be compatible automatically and doesn’t need installation. Also, web apps are platform agnostic. Where they score Consistent user experience is possible with web applications. They need to be built only once and function across platforms and devices.
Responsive web applications- What you need to know A responsive web app is really a web app made with mobile usage in mind. Responsive apps are ideally suited for very large content-driven websites. They’re also used for transactional applications. Where they score Responsive web apps have similar advantages as regular web apps. They work well across platforms and devices. Only one application needs to be built and maintained for all environments. The cost of developing the same is also relatively low and it’s easy for non-mobile developers to pick this up fast, as they don’t need to learn mobile specific programming stacks.
The landscape of mobile apps is always changing. Whatever you learn today might be outdated, or even obsolete, within a few months or years. The mobile space is so new that trends are constantly shifting and new insights are made every day. If you plan to develop mobile apps, how can you keep up without going mad? To win the challenge, you’ll need to build a great app (either Android or iOS) and create a sound business plan that shows how you managed the project, gained users, and leveraged AdMob to make money
Arriving from a web development background, building native apps for iOS and Android feels like traveling back in time.
Near-instant browser refreshes are replaced by slow compilation times, your trusty text editor has been switched with a powerful but bloated IDE, and deploying new features is suddenly a week-long process (for iOS, at least).
The mobile web has not lived up to its promise. For non-trivial apps it remains incredibly difficult to emulate a native look-and-feel in mobile browsers. We won’t rehash the arguments here, but despite years of effort the mobile web remains fundamentally limited by what you can do.
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