FAQ Page: Benefits and how to do it right

FAQ: Frequently asked questions, the questions and the answers which have the potential to showcase your product/services in a pro-active way.

It could be a boon or curse, all depends on how you showcase it. It has really a wide potential and seems to be a positive tool in case of Online selling or buying. When you are about to create an E-commerce store, you really need to stand out amongst your competitive market. Of course, there would be an already established online selling – buying market, which is in the eyes of people and they are frequent buyer of it. Now if you are in the same or relating business, you can use the FAQ page as your most important tool to proof your relevance, giving people the commonly asked question with prominent answer and an authentic platform.

It is unlike your About Us page which tells the story about how your brand existing and the facts and figures of the brand or the services provided by you, but the FAQ page stands for the common questions and queries comes in mind of people, especially when they are buying something from an online store. As over online buying people are generally curious about product quality, return policy, online buying safety, account handling etc. What you can target is take out such relevant questions, frame them and put up with appropriate answers over the portal to stand prominently with all the common questions and queries about individual while buying first time from your portal.

It is like earning trust by demonstrating your product expertise over the E-commerce portal, to explain your business model and why it is unique to buy from your online store. All the genuine queries with desired answers are showcased under one FAQ page.

Some key benefits of having an FAQ page:

  • Trust building platform.
  • Improves your SEO performance.
  • Showcase your products and general queries.
  • Improves site navigation.
  • Ultimately improves the sales and targeted audience.
  • Delighting customers by figuring out their relevant queries and answering them in the best possible way.
  • Many a time customer mail you their queries and inputs which you can answer very prominently through your FAQ page which really helps in Brand creation.
  • It provides a straight forward way to reach your customers directly.
  • Basically you begin with questions and simply ends with conversions.

The best way to put up your FAQ page in right way is to jumble up all the queries people put up for similar platforms and the related forums. Once freeze up with the questioning part pin point the correct and straight forward answer, to stand out for exact points. Once a portion of the FAQ is ready put up them into the landing page and do invite people’s opinions and feedback. If you encounter any question which seems to be placed in the FAQ section never forget to include such things over the portal. Do not change the page but keep on amending it as the time flies it helps you to stay in touch with your customers and their requirements.

It is the most powerful tool to reach your customers and to build up your Brand Trust if used in the right way!

Prakriti Sinha

Prakriti is born entrepreneur with welcoming thoughts & ideas. She loves to write & read along with exploring. You can ping her anytime at : prakritisinha@yahoo.com

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